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EFFE Thickness

Using the EFFE Thickness measuring system the ironmaking plants can be equipped with an instrument to acquire the reading of thickness on the whole width of the band in a completely automatic way.

Thanks to a mechanics designed to be installed in any ironmaking plant, thanks to the innovative “double zig-zag” handling system and to a software that detects in real time the variations of tolerance before the quality of the product suffers the effects of this, EFFE Thickness is one-of-a-kind instrument.

EFFE Technology implements some triangulation laser sensors to execute non-contact measurements of thickness and width allowing the following advantages :

  • Motion detection measuring,

  • To get an high number of readings per time unit,

  • To acquire the cutting schedule to connect the reading made at the single strips,

  • To fill in the control charts,

  • Light-signalling and/or noise-signalling for out tolerance reading,

  • Interface with the customer’s management system.

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