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PTF-X1 Cut-Off Units - Morocco

Thanks to its collaboration with company CONTRAST di ICARDI CRISTINA the internationalization plan of EFFE Technology continues and it is entering into Morocco by getting a contract for the supply, the commissioning and the assistance from remote of a new PTF-X1 flying cutting system.

Our customer COMAPROM Sarl, located in Casablanca on a 60.000 m2 surface, with a production capacity of 32.000 tons per year, leader in Morocco for production of welded steel tubes, synonymous with excellence for the steelmaking processes and for the steel products has chosen the Italian company EFFE Technology as its supplier for a new PTF-X1 flying cutting system.

Mr. Mohamed Laaouissi, Technical Director of COMAPROM Sarl followed this project from the start and he explains the reason of his choice as follows : “ To keep up with the continuous evolution of technology, competition and manufacturing competitiveness of longitudinally welded tubes it is absolutely necessary to equip the tube mills with a modern, efficient and reliable cutting system followed by a supervision that includes all the necessary information for the maintenance technicians and for the production operators. Based on the above criteria, our choice has fallen upon the Italian company EFFE Technolgy which fully guarantees to satisfy our needs.”

Our automations are therefore confirmed to be increasingly efficient and reliable even in the most difficult environments, guaranteeing high quality.

If your goal is to reduce the inefficiency of production our electronic equipments, engineered by usingcomponents comingexclusively from the free market (no cards of propriety) assure the cutting of costs and a full autonomy in the management of spare parts.

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