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Nowadays the competence acquired in the automation’s field allow EFFE Technology to offer a large range of products with high technological level.


EFFE Technology is the specialized partner  to turn the tools used to support the production and the logistics into competitive advantages for the customer in presence of systems for automatic control.


With its solutions EFFE Technology always carefully helps its customers to achieve the success improving the efficiency and the efficacy.


The basic design concept of EFFE Technology is the application flexibility that allows dynamic and modular implementations that give the maximum optimization of the investments in relation to the real increase of the logistic needs of the customer.


The basic philosophy of the solutions, plants and applications offered from EFFE Technology is to satisfy the most specific needs of the customer supporting him with experiences and technologies at the maximum levels of market. Our solutions assure the optimization of the profitability respecting the safety rules.


The range of solutions includes applications for the supervision of the production plan,  automatic enslavement plants with the use of overhead cranes.


Some of the typical applications are :

  • coils and plates;

  • bundles of carbon tubes and bundles of stainless steel tubes;

  • insulated panels ;

  • heavy and/or big various material ;

  • pickling processes for heavy and big materials (wire, tubes);

  • routes optimization for loading means for each factory or multi-factory

  • automatic systems for handling of the solid urban waste ;

  • special plants of movement for heavy duties.

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