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EFFE Measuring

Thanks to the know-how developed during more of 25 years of activity  EFFE Technology works in the high precision measuring systems field and contributes to the production efficiency and to the qualitative efficiency through two kinds of interventions. First of all it supplies to its customers specialized technicians able to identify both the best possible solutions and the way for production’s improving ; in the second place, it supplies specific measuring systems to reduce the production waste and to improve the productivity managing, in a more efficient way, the different production process.


The latest generation technologies installed in our products helps to improve the production efficiency of each production line. The measuring systems amply repay the investment, often within few months, because they save on the operating costs and on the production waste.


Using the EFFE Measuring measuring system the ironmaking plants can be equipped with an instrument to acquire shapes and profiles in a completely automatic way.


Thanks to a mechanics  designed to be installed  in any ironmaking plant,  thanks to the innovative system of rotation of the measuring device and to a software that detects in real time the variations of tolerance before the quality of the product suffers the effects of this, EFFE Measuring is one-of-a-kind instrument


EFFE Measuring can be integrated in existing mills where the space is limited.

We help our customer to get the maximum value from every single application.


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