Hybrid off-grid systems

To work in the field of the renewable energies today means to conjugate quality of life, progress, environment and innovation.


In fact the renewable energies represent the real challenge to the modernity because they allow a real socio-economic progress protecting the environment.


Thanks to the fast improvements of the last years in the technology of the renewable energies, the solar energy systems, the wind energy systems, the hydroelectric  systems etc. can be economically convenient in many situations both for companies, institutions and families as well as for communities in order to reach the energy independence.


A well designed system can supply reliable electric power for a very long time reducing the dependence from imported fossil fuel.


To supply electric power to the rural countries located far from the network is a financial and structural challenge especially in the developing countries; for this reason nowadays a large number of experts expect that these countries directly tend to a decentralized production and distribution of the electric power.


An inadequate and discontinuous supply of electric power represents an obstacle to the economic development  and a delocalized and well working system for the electrical power production - a so-called off-grid system - is often the only valid solution.


The technologies based on renewable sources are ecological and they use the local energy resources that are free, sustainable and widely available.


EFFE Technology offers two standard solutions based on a modular parallelizable architecture allowing the improvements through :


  • EFFE STORAGE 10’ available for power from 4,6 KW to 11 KW


  • EFFE STORAGE 20’ available for power from 6,4 KW to 19,2 KW


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