The maximum efficiency for your energy.

EFFE Technology offers the following services :


Sale, Realization and running test of the photovoltaic plant.

  • For each plant EFFE Technology selects the materials that maximize the profitability of a photovoltaic plant. The photovoltaic modules and the inverters represent mature and well-known technologies and are always completely certified from the competent agencies. The certification of the modules is obligatory to obtain the GSE incentives.


Design, documentations and works management.

  • With the design all the technical details of the plant are decided; all the necessary documents are collected in order to obtain the necessary permits and for the connection’s applications.


Technical consulting to define a photovoltaic plant.

  • EFFE Technology offers technical consulting to estimate the photovoltaic project from the point of view of investment and profitability.


The technical consulting includes the data collection, the study of the consumptions and  of the environment variables,   the study of the rules and technologies and it allows to verify the convenience of the investment.



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